Thursday, April 23, 2009

My award to you who inspires me!

There are many blogs and cardmakers/scrappers who really inspires me. I decided to send an award to you, one by one. And I start with Sari! Always a very good blog friend and I love her work. You find her blog here! Sari's-card.

Next will have to be a Swedish lady from my hometown, Gothenburg, Jennie! Her wonderful blog Deleesias Värld (in Swedish) but look at her work and get inspired!

One of them who really inspired me when I started scrapbooking was Silje, from Norway! I love her style, design and colouring is fantastic. Thanks! Her blog is here!


sari said...

men... tack snälla söta nilla!! Lägger upp den på bloggen om en stund! Thank you so much nilla!! I'll be posting it shortly on my blog! Hugs!

Jennie {Deleelsia} said...

Tack så jättemycket. Vad glad jag blir. Lägger upp den i bloggen när jag kommer hem igen.

Silje said...

Tusen takk nilla, for både awarden og flotte ord!
Klem Silje